About the CLL

The Center for Lifelong Learning [CLL] was established in 1993 as the "Senior Center for Lifelong Learning." Its purpose was to serve the educational interests of the senior community in the Fort Walton Beach area, although there was no criteria for who qualified as a "senior." To include the entire adult population in our area the word senior was dropped from the title as unnecessary. 

Our organization is a Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI). Throughout the nation, hundreds of LLIs are joined in an organization called the Road Scholar Institute Network (RSIN), formerly the Elderhostel Institute Network (EIN).The renamed network is a voluntary association of more than 400 Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs) across the country. RSIN is funded by Road Scholar, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing educational travel and lifelong learning opportunities for adults.  The organization of each LLI is entirely the option of the people setting up the program at each campus.  The CLL has the distinction of being one of the few all-volunteer programs in the country.

Our students come from not only the immediate Fort Walton Beach area, but from adjacent counties and, during the January semester, from northern states and Canada. The CLL has more than 700 current members. A current member is defined as a person who has enrolled in one of the two past semesters.

CLL Board of Directors  
President Vickie Warner
1st Vice President Patricia "Pat" Guidry
2nd Vice President Dennis "Denny" Lauer
Secretary Judie Day
Treasurer, Database,
Past Co-President
Dr. Bob Carney
Past Co-President,
Jackie Youngblood
Past Co-President Billy Walker
Curriculum Chair Sharon Purvis
Special Events Co-Chair Barbara Smith
Special Events Co-Chair,
Publicity Co-Chair
Martha Bradford
Registration Lydia Weaver
Registration Co-Chair Pat Cragin
Computer Liaison Jim Cooper
Parliamentarian and Scholarship Bob Garcia
Administrative Jackie Youngblood
Social Gloria DeBerry
Historian/Photos, Planning/Academic Review Bob Kitahara
Historian Co-Chair Susan Roberts
Publicity Co-Chair Patricia Guidry
Programmer/IT Liaison Cindy Barker
(Curriculum/Social) Patti Lee
(Curriculum/Social) Bonnie Smith
(Curriculum, Web Pages, Social Media) Dolores Noechel
(Registration/Social) Bunny Klein
(Curriculum/Social) Catherine Herndon
Catalog and Database Programmer, Webmaster Dr. Hal Pruett
Nominating Committee Patricia Guidry
Secretary Assistant Shirley Gallinger