Some typical CLL activities

Students line up outside UWF auditorium

Long before registration starts, students line up outside the UWF Auditorium.

UWF Auditorium Lobby

Volunteers await students who will pick up their registration packets in the lobby of the UWF Auditorium as the first step in the registration process. 

Student waiting to register

Students wait patiently in the auditorium for their row to be called for registration.

Checking the "Yellow Sheet"

A couple of students check the famous "Yellow Sheet" that contains the final list of available courses and times when each class meets.

Volunteers registering students

Volunteers operate six laptop computers to register students as quickly as possible.

Verification desk volunteers

Volunteers verify each registration form to make sure that classes aren't over-filled.

Students pay for courses

After signing up for courses and verifying that their preferences  are available, students make a final stop at the pay station. As noted elsewhere, students may take four courses for $50, and take additional courses for only $10 each.

Judge Maney

Special Events feature outside speakers. Here, our CLL President, Barbara Smith, gives Judge T. Patterson Maney a certificate of appreciation for a talk about his active-duty experience in Afghanistan. The judge, who is a reserve Brigadier General, suffered combat injuries that required more than a year of hospitalization.

Exercise class

Not all classes involve sitting at a desk. Here, students limber up in an exercise class.

Cooking class
If exercise isn't for you, how about a cooking class?

Pastel Painting

Each semester ends with "Final Follies" on the last day of class. Students are encouraged to "show and tell" what they've learned during the the semester.
 Tap Dancing Class

Members of a Tap Dancing Class strut their stuff during "Final Follies."

Musical Theater students

MusicalTheater students entertain fellow students  with a vocal selection during "Final Follies. " 

CLL Computer Club

The CLL Computer Club is one of two activities that continue year around. The Club's monthly meetings usually feature a guest speaker and are always well attended. Above, Jim Cooper, who organized the club and moderates the meetings, calls a session to order.

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