Regular Events

CLL Board of Directors meetings

Our Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month, except during the months of June and July, when no meetings are held.  The meetings begin at noon and are open to all members.  Normally the Board meets in Building #4, but call 863-6548 to verify the location.

CLL Committee meetings

Committees meet at times specified by the committee chairmen.  To attend a meeting, or to volunteer to help on a committee, please contact the chairman of the desired committee.

Special Events
Thanks to Barbara Smith, coordinator of the Special Events Committee, for arranging these January 2017 Semester programs.

Please bring your lunch and enjoy these free presentations!

Friday noon-hour Special Events — all are held in the UWF auditorium.

Jan. 20 Back to the future, Predictions in Medicine 2017 
Gregory J Piacente, M.D., Neurologist
Jan. 27 This is your life-Let's Celebrate Tina Beukenkamp
Feb. 3 Glacier Pilot: Challenge of Flying In Alaska and Greenland Col. Roland D. Guidry
Feb. 10 Valentine Party and CLL Membership Meeting Sheppard, Ellen Ellie Estes, Martha Bradford

Feb. 17 Young Girls Memories of Occupied France during WW Two Mimi Bohler
Feb. 24 Florida-State of the Arts: An Outstanding High School Theater Program in Fort Walton Beach Christa Whittaker

Mar. 3 Alliance for Smiles-Because every child deserves a smile   
Gloria J. Deberry, R.N.
Mar. 10 Final Follies for students, families and guests. The visual, performing, and literary art classes will show, demonstrate or recite examples of their work. Please bring refreshments.

   Schedule updated on 12/25/2016

Updated: 7/25/2016