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Help information for the new CLL online registration program

After 9:00 a.m., January 5th, when the program is active, begin registration by clicking on the link, "Online Registration" in the underlined links above below our logo. (The link won't be visble until the program is active.) The link will open a form that resembles the one in the picture in the right column.

For an overview/preview video of what the process will entail, click this link: Registering Online. The video covers in about 12 minutes much of what is discussed below. It has the advantage that you can pause, rewind, and watch again whenever needed.

The information provided below will also be in the left column of the registration form. It is repeated here to give you a preview of the process, which consists of 5 parts…
   1. Student Information (gathered during account creation)
   2. Course Selection
   3. Terms + Conditions
   4. Confirm Selection
   5. Checkout

Please note that the whole process is performed on our CLL website; you don't need to go to any external site.

If you've registered before, just click on the LOGIN button on the upper right side of the registration form.

If you haven't registered previosly, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button, also on the upper right. Be sure to read the information in the dotted box, then scroll down to the data input boxes. Fill in the requested information. Make sure to save the password for future log-in sessions.

Next, the program may display the Checkout form that requests your credit card information. You will probably want one of the other forms. Look at the top line that contains your name and notice the elongated Navigation Bar. Click on the bar and view the dropdown selection menu. If you haven't already selected the courses you want, choose Course Selection. For a visual demo of how to Navigate within your account, watch the video starting at the 3-minute point, for about 1 minute.
(Continued column right)

Sample of Registration Form

The program's Course Selection's process/format will be unfamiliar to you and requires an explanation.
•   After we purchased the online enrollment program, the vendor's tech support team built the current course-selection software for us. Unfortunately, the team added courses to the list in the order they received them from us, not alphabetically.
•   Despite the scrambled listing order, it is easy to locate any course using a built-in search function that most browsers provide.
•   To locate a course, first press CTL+F to open a search box near the top of the screen. Enter a word or phrase that is likely to appear in a course title or description, then press the Enter key. The program will highlight all occurences of your entry. Scroll the page up or down to locate the marked text.
•   To select a course, click in the checkbox to the left of course title.
•   Ignore the $10 fee at the right end of course name. The individual course fee is only applicable if you have enrolled in more than six courses. When you check out, the balance shown will be $60 membership fee if you have enrolled in six or fewer courses, or $60 plus the $10 each for extra courses.

What is the CLL (Center for Life Long Learning)?

Established in 1993 on the University of West Florida campus in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, the CLL provides interesting and stimulating educational activities for persons who believe that learning never ends. In addition to educational classes, the CLL organizes other activities that include local social events and occasional out-of-town trips.
Our organization is a Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) and we are affiliated with the Road Scholar. There are more than 400 siimlar LLIs across the country.

Unlike most LLIs, the CLL has no paid staff; all our class leaders are volunteers who have acquired their expertise through their lifelong career experiences or favorite hobbies.
In 2004, our organization was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt charity.

During normal times, when in-person classes were available, paying an enrollment fee of $60 established membership and entitled students to take up to four CLL classes.
Each additional class beyond four costs $10 each. There is no separate membership fee.
In January 2021 we are only able to offer on-line Zoom classes during which members may take up to six classes for the basic fee.