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Help information for the new CLL online registration program

After 9:00 a.m., September 1st, when the program is active, begin registration by clicking on the link, "Online Registration" in the row of underlined links below our logo on our home page. (The registration link won't be visible until you can actually register.) When you click on the link, it will open a form that resembles the one in the graphic in the right column.

Safari Users Caution: The provider of our Online Registration program is aware that it does not work properly for registrants using the Safari browser. The provider has yet to find a solution. Together with the provider, we recommend that Safari users choose either the Firefox or the Google Chrome browser. Both are available via the App Store. Just open the store and search for Google Chrome, or Firefox. Choose one and then click on "Get."

A 14 minute tutorial video is now available to guide you through the registration process. To view, click on: Registration Video Tutorial. The video will cover much of what is discussed below. It has the advantage that you can pause, rewind, and watch again whenever needed.

The information provided below will also be in the left column of the registration form. It is repeated here to give you a preview of the process, which consists of 5 parts
  1.  Student Information (gathered while creating your account)
  2.  Course Selection
  3.  Terms + Conditions
  4.  Confirm Selection
  5.  Checkout
Please note that the whole process is performed on our CLL website; you don't need to go to any external site.

If you've registered before, just click on the LOGIN button on the upper right side of the registration form.

If you haven't registered previosly, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button, also on the upper right. Be sure to read the information in the dotted box, then scroll down to the data input boxes. Fill in the requested information. Make sure to save your password for future log-in sessions.

Next, the program may automatically display the Checkout form that requests your credit card information. If you want a different form, look at the top line that contains your name. Notice the elongated Navigation Bar. Click on the bar and view the dropdown selection menu. If you haven't already selected the courses you want, choose Course Selection. For a visual demo of how to Navigate within your account, watch the video when it becomes available.
(Continued column right)

Sample of Registration Form

For new September students, the program's Course Selection's process/format will be unfamiliar. Here are some helpful comments:
•   The online registration provider's default procedure requires the courses to be listed in day/meeting-time order, rather than alphabetical. We are attempting get alphabetical listing.
•   Regardless of order, it is easy to locate word or phase in the course listing by using a built-in search function that most browsers provide.
•   To locate the item you want, first press CTL+F to open a search box near the top of the screen. Enter a word, number, or phrase that is likely to appear in a course title/description/day/meeting-time, then press the Enter key. (Go ahead: try it on this page!) The built-in process will highlight all occurrences of your entry. Scroll the page up or down to locate the marked text.
•   When you are ready to select a course, click in the checkbox to the left of course title.
•   While you are selecting your courses, ignore the dollar fee at the right end of a course name. The program only uses it for an internal calculation that results in the base membership fee. When you check out, if you have enrolled in four (4) or fewer courses, the balance shown will be your $60 membership fee; otherwise, it will be $60 plus the $10 each for extra courses.

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What is the CLL (Center for Life Long Learning)?

Established in 1993 on the University of West Florida campus in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, the CLL provides interesting and stimulating educational activities for persons who believe that learning never ends. In addition to educational classes, the CLL organizes other activities that include local social events and occasional out-of-town trips.
Our organization is a Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) and we are affiliated with the Road Scholar. There are more than 400 siimlar LLIs across the country.

Unlike most LLIs, the CLL has no paid staff; all our class leaders are volunteers who have acquired their expertise through their lifelong career experiences or favorite hobbies.
In 2004, our organization was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt charity. We use our enrollment fees to pay for classroom facility rentals, registration computers, office equipment, insurance, and miscellaneous other operating expenses. After meeting these on-going expenses, we earmark much of the remainder for scholarship and charitable awards. For more information, see Scholarship Awards

Except when COVID-19 required all class to be online, paying an enrollment fee of $60 establishes membership and entitles students to take up to four CLL classes.
Additional classes beyond four costs $10 each. There is no separate membership fee.