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We are migrating our Online Registration to CourseStorm this semester. Its simple design and powerful browse options make it a great Course Catalog—as well as simple Online Registration tool.

Remember, Online Registration for our classes does not officially open until 9:00am on Wednesday, 30 August, but you are welcome to look around the site and get familiar with it without an account.
However, you can purchase now your Fall Membership account before registration if you want! Look in the right-hand column for instructions.

To browse our new CourseStorm Site, first click on the Online Registration link in the above banner, or here Online Registration, to open the home page. There you will have the following options.

Search all classes - This option is just below the Welcome banner; simply enter keywords or search for a specific class.
Browse by Category - Scroll down a bit and select a category to quickly find classes that match your interests. Note that classes can exist in multiple categories, i.e., Ballet for Balance is in both the Dance and the Exercise/Fitness categories. You s but it is the same class to see aYou can scroll down a bit and
Browse all classes - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and use this link to see all the classes we're offering this semester. This list of all classes defaults to a day/time order listing (sooner to later), but you now also have a Sort option in the upper right and can change listing order to Alphabetical if you like!

Note: All classes are currently tagged as Online Registration Unavailable. However, you are free to click on the title of any class of interests. You will then see all the class details (description, teacher, teacher bio, meeting dates/times, location).

When classes open for registration (9:00AM on Wednesday, August 30th), you will no longer see the "Online Registration Unavailable" notifications.

You can wait to order both your Fall Membership and your classes on August 30th, or you may purchase for your Fall Membership now. If you purchase your Fall Membership now, your account will be created; then just return/login to the CLL CourseStorm webpage on August 30th to add classes and complete payment.

Click on this link, Registration Demonstration, to view a Video on the Registration process.

(Help information continues in next column, above right)

Instructions for Registration Process

• Go to the CLL CourseStorm page by clicking the Online Registration link above.
• Add your Membership to your cart (if not a Member already) by using the link in the Welcome! Banner. (Click here CLL Membership Webpage to become a member now.)
• Find one of the classes you wish to add to your cart and click on the class title - this will take you to the full details about that class.
• Now click on the Register button (to the left of the class title on the class full details page).
• Upon clicking the Register button, you will see the following…

▷ First box asks - "Who will be attending?"

○ Always Select You

○ Click the Continue button

▷ Next box presents 2 options - Continue Browsing or Checkout

○ Continue Browsing - Use this to continue to add items to your cart if you wish.

◇ When you select Continue Browsing, you will be returned to the full class listing.

◐ The full class listing defaults to a day/time order listing (sooner to later), but you now also have a Sort option (upper right of page) and can change listing order to Alphabetical if you like!

◐ You can also use the categories list on the left to narrow your search.

◐ You can also easily return to the CourseStorm Welcome page by clicking the Home link in the upper left. This brings you back to the Search line (under the Welcome banner), as well as the categories.

○ Note that each time you add an item to the cart, you will be asked who is attending the class… the answer will always be You.

○ After you add your first item, a cart icon will appear in the upper right with the number of items in your cart; click on the cart icon at any time to view the items in your cart and remove any if needed.

▷ Checkout - When you have finished adding items to your cart, select the Checkout option. (Checkout option also available when you view your cart).

• Checkout Process - The following steps complete your account creation and takes payment.

▷ First Box - Enter your email and select Continue.

▷ Second Box - Enter your first and last name, phone number, address and create your account password.

○ Create your password and then Confirm your password. You can use the eyeball icon on the right end of the box to view it if needed. (Please try to remember it, but if you don't you can always use the "Forgot Password?" link to reset it when needed.)

○ Check the box to agree to the terms of service (for CourseStorm) and Select Continue.

▷ Next Box (or Boxes) - Answer any questions/agreements, then select Save and Continue. Example questions/agreements…

○ Have you registered for Membership? Select Yes, or use link to add.

○ CLL Refund Policy - View if you wish, then check "Yes, I agree"

▷ Final Box - Review (and Payment)

○ You will see a listing of the items in your cart at the top of the box.

○ Use the View Details link to update any Contact Info, or to make a last-minute removal of an item if you wish.

○ Enter requested Credit Card information for payment.

○ You may uncheck the Remember card box or leave it there - your choice.

○ Select Complete Purchase - You're done!

Once your account is created, you can return to the CLL CourseStorm page at any point (use link on CLL Webpage or Bookmark it) and login to your account using your email and password (Login box is on the upper right of the page).

Click on Registration Demonstration to view a Video of the whole process.