CLL Online Classes for Fall 2020
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    All About Safety by Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Unit
    Tuesday — 2:00 to 3:30
    The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to make your life safer. Carla and Ashley will be teaching on home, vehicle, and personal safety; about popular computer and cyber-crimes; give updated information on frauds, scams, and identity theft; and a class on different apps and technology used today for hip grannies/grandpas. This free 8 - weeks class has something for everyone and promises to be entertaining.
    Zoom Presenter: Ashley Bailey
    The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit offers over 25 free programs and services to the citizens and visitors in Okaloosa County. Ashely Bailey is the Crime Prevention Manager with the OCSO. She has worked for the OCSO for over 15 years as a certified crime prevention practitioner. Carla Von Kaenel is a Secondary Employment Coordinator and Crime Prevention Specialist with the OCSO. She graduated from the University of West Florida with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and recently became a certified Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner.

    Connecting Lines in your Family History
    Thursday — 10:00 to 11:30
    This class is very much like other beginning genealogy classes and will include elements from previous basic, introductory, and fundamentals classes. The intent of this class is to build and reinforce a foundation of genealogical elements and techniques to help the participant connect the lines of their family history.
    Zoom Presenter: Edward Pfeifer
    Ed Pfeifer is a retired classroom teacher, school administrator, curriculum coordinator, and Deputy Chief of Education for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools in the Pacific Area. He has been following his family history line for approximately eighteen years.

    Covid-19 Update and Other Public Health Issues - One Session Only
    Monday — October 19, 12:00 Noon
    Dr. Chapman will offer an update on COVID-19 and other current public health issues.
    Zoom Presenter: Dr. Karen A. Chapman
    Dr. Karen Chapman is a board-certified public health physician with 33 years of experience in governmental public health at both the local and state level. She received her medical degree from the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine in 1982 and her Master of Public Health degree in 1987 from the University of South Carolina.

    Crime and Justice in America
    Thursday — 2:00 to 3:00
    Do we have a crime problem in America? If you say yes, why? If you say no, why? We will look at a bit of the history of the criminal justice system in America. We’ll talk about all the different types of crimes and how they are punished, or not. We’ll talk about why that is the case, or isn’t. If this is your first time in this class and if all goes well, you will leave class more bewildered, bemused, and befuddled than when you started, or not!
    Zoom Presenter: Kathy Johnson
    Dr. Kathy Johnson received a BS in 1987 and MS in 1989 in Criminal Justice from Illinois State University. Her PhD in Criminology is from Indiana University in Pennsylvania. She is currently a tenured associate professor of Criminal Justice for UWF.

    Dinner, Dining, and Decor - Entertainment for Fun
    Tuesday — 10:00-10:40
    Looking for a productive Hands-On dining and decorating workshop? Manners, social skills, and so much more that is now mostly a forgotten art. Socially, or professionally, these workshops will give you hands-on ideas for your next event. Our workshop teaches you the various ways to be creative and utilize your local resources for your decorating and dinner ideas. The workshop is intended to heighten participants' awareness and appreciation of basic table manners, dining skills, and fun decorating. We will do one POTLUCK Dinner planning during the course. This is a 6-weeks class starting meeting on September 15, 22, 29, October 6, 13, and 20.
    Zoom Presenter: Juanita Harvin
    Juanita Harvin, is a retired Host Nation Relations and Protocol Director. Her European family roots make her efforts in entertaining FUN. She is an Army brat, wife of a retired AF service member and the mother of 2 DoDDS graduates. Her skills reflect her previous art and computer educator careers.

    Easy Meals for Two with Libby and Cheryl
    Wednesday — 10:00 to 12:00
    Lunch, Brunch or Dinner for Two. We will make easy but delicious international and American dishes. We will be sharing tips, shortcuts and easy cheats to make your cooking easier. An ingredient list for each meal will be available, including a wine pairing suggestion. A shopping list for the next class will be provide so you can cook along with us or prepare it at a later time. Come and join us for a great meal and a beautiful glass of Vino. Buon Appetito! 5 - weeks class meeting September 16, 23, October 7, 21 and November 4.
    Zoom Presenter: Cheryl Nolan
    Cheryl has a Rest/Hotel degree from Le Cordon Bleu. She has taken and given many cooking lessons around the world, beginning in Japan and Korea, then on to Spain, England, Portugal, and France. Libby cooks gourmet to country and enjoys culinary classes and sharing these experiences. Both ladies have cooked and traveled internationally and are retired. They enjoy learning about cooking amazing food and pairing it with interesting wines.

    Essential Oils for Everyday Living
    Thursday — 10:00 to 11:30
    Come learn what Essential Oils are and how they can benefit your daily life. We will be discussing how to use essential oils in cooking, cleaning, detoxing, pets, aromatherapy, emotions, aging, and health. This is a 7- weeks class meeting September 17, 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.
    Zoom Presenter: Lura Struzinski
    Lura Struzinski is an Essential Oil Educator, an Esthetician, and a Certified Private Yoga Instructor. She is passionate in educating the community how essential oils, whole foods and supplements can benefit their daily lives.

    Everyday Yoga for Everyone
    Wednesday — 2:00 to 3:00
    Starting can be hardest part of exercise. Linking simple yoga-based movements to everyday activities, we’ll build 20 minutes yoga sessions that can be done without a mat and props. If you have access to a floor, a chair and a wall, come as you are (NO tights needed) and begin a daily yoga practice. This is a 4 - weeks class meeting October 14, 21, 28 and November 4.
    Zoom Presenter: Ann Hoffman
    Ann Hoffman has been an educator for over 30 years. She now pairs her joy of teaching with her passion for sharing the benefits of yoga, focusing on movement as a means of enhancing quality of life for her students.

    French for Beginners and Beyond
    Friday — 2:00 to 3:30
    Whether you're a beginner or have studied French before, this class will give you an opportunity to progress at your own pace and your own level. Basic vocabulary and structures will be presented, pronounced, and practiced in class. Afterwards, two free online programs will provide you with plenty of opportunities to practice speaking, listening, reading, and even writing French as much -- or as little -- as you wish. Topics will include greetings, people, numbers, travel, activities, and that all-important aspect of French culture: food.
    Zoom Presenter: Christine Lanoue
    After studying French in high school and college, Chris Lanoue went to France for a summer to become fluent, and stayed for 17 years. For the last twenty-some years she has taught French in Okaloosa County at all levels. An avid traveler, she is fascinated by foreign languages and cultures.

    Fundamentals of Investing
    Thursday — 2:00 to 3:30
    This class will equip investors with information on why investing is important, information on specific investment types, specifics of investment planning, and macro-economic discussion on interest rates, inflation, currencies, and more.
    Zoom Presenter: Nicholas Barlotta
    Nicholas Barlotta is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and Financial Consultant with Barlotta Cauley Wealth Management Group of Benjamin F. Edwards Co.

    Grand Tour of the Universe
    Friday — 2:00 to 3:30
    There have been many scientific revolutions in the last 120 years, from Relativity, Quantum Theory, to the discovery of Black Holes, the expansion of the universe and the mysterious Dark Matter and Dark Energy. This course takes a very lite look at topics in astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology through the lens of these revolutions in knowledge. The discoveries and their discoverers will also be put into historical context, for example, what accepted wisdom did the revolutions overturn and what was the impact.
    Zoom Presenter: Louis Cerrato
    Louis Cerrato has a Ph.D. in engineering and worked for the Defense Dept. for over 40 years. He has a keen interest in all the physical sciences and tries to keep up with the latest discoveries.

    Guide to Estate Planning for FL Residents
    Thursday — 10:00 to 11:30
    The course provides an overview of estate planning, probate issues, estate taxes, Medicaid planning, asset protection, and guardianship.
    Zoom Presenter: J. Mark Fisher
    J. Mark Fisher received his Juris Doctorate from Mississippi College School of Law in 1984. He has limited his practice to the field of Estate Planning, Probate, Wills and Trusts, and Nursing Home Medicaid Planning for over 30 years and has been teaching classes at UWF for 23 years. J. Mark Fisher has offices in FWB, Pensacola, and Panama City.

    Human Trafficking Awareness - One Session Only
    Monday — 12:00 Noon, September 21
    Micah Washinski, COO of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking, will be talking about human trafficking, what it looks like in our community, how to report it, and how to keep our children safe.
    Zoom Presenter:
    Micah Washinski grew up in Fort Walton Beach and has since graduated from Florida State with degrees in Finance and Marketing, worked for 17 years in the Financial Services industry, and now is the COO of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking, a faith-based, non-profit with a mission to end child sex trafficking in America.

    Intermittent Fasting for Metabolic Health
    Thursday — 2:00 to 3:30
    Metabolic syndrome [high blood pressure, high cholesterol/triglycerides, high blood sugar, abdominal fat/obesity] has been shown to increases the risk of negative outcomes of COVID-19 patients. Through evidence-based research and statistical data, you will learn how intermittent fasting can improve and even eliminate metabolic syndrome.
    Zoom Presenter: Holly Brelia
    A retired US Army helicopter pilot, massage therapist and working registered nurse, Holly is a life-long learner who is excited to share her knowledge with you!

    iPhone Photography
    Wednesday — 2:00 to 3:00
    Which camera takes the best pictures? The one you have with you, of course! In this class, you will learn how to get more out of the iPhone camera. Topics will include becoming a better photographer, adjusting your iPhone camera, editing pictures on your iPhone, photo and video editing, and downloading your iPhone pictures for actual prints to enjoy and share. Class will meet on zoom once/week for 8 weeks. I recommend you use your computer for zoom so that your phone is free to try things during class. Sorry, this class is specifically for iPhones/iPads; users of other brands of smartphones may not derive any benefit.
    Zoom Presenter: Nicole Blatt
    Nicole Blatt takes lots of pictures! Her last phone had over 8,000 pics and some were even good. She retired from the USAF in 2011 and now has an awesome 8-year-old son named Bodie. Jim Eustace is a real photographer with fancy cameras and a studio

    Medicare Fraud - One Session Only
    Monday — September 28, 12:00 Noon
    Medicare FRAUD amounted to 90 Billion Dollars in 2019. Senior Medicare Patrol empowers Seniors to prevent Medicare fraud. Marti will present information on the latest Medicare fraud cases that are rocking the Nation and how Seniors can avoid being an unwitting victim. She will cover the latest scams that have popped up during the COVID-19 crisis and how to protect yourself from the scammers goal of Identify Theft.
    Zoom Presenter: Marti K. Hearn
    Marti Hearn, SHINE-SMP Liaison, is responsible for the SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) and SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol) program in 4 counties in Northwest Florida. The SHINE-SMP program is funded by the Federal Government through the Department of Elder Affairs in the State of Florida and offers Free, unbiased Medicare counseling.

    Modern Russia
    Friday — 10:00 – 11:15
    From the czars to the commissars to Putin, the Russian people have soldiered on. We will cover from pre-Revolution to the current day.
    Zoom Presenter: Daniel Dr. Robison
    Dan Robison has a Ph.D. in history from Auburn and has taught several European history courses for CLL.

    Taking Better Pictures - Advanced Edition
    Friday — 10:00 – 11:30
    This course is an advanced course and much of the course will depend on students understanding basic photographic terms and accomplishing the assigned weekly homework. The practical portions will be at preannounced locations where you can practice. Each student will post/email a sampling of their weekly work to a central location. The class will focus on rules of design, value and hue balance, composing in both 2 and 3 dimensions, reflective photography, photo compression/expansion using lens length and focal range, night special effects, photos of the moon and stars, Macro photography, etc. Students must have a method to access and display their work using zoom. THIS IS NOT A CLASS FOR BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHERS.
    Zoom Presenter: James Eustace
    Jim Eustace and his co-workers have been involved in photography since the earth cooled. Jim is the self-proclaimed art critic with his Canon camera. Louis Cerrato is our analytical sciences/Nikon go-to person. Dale specializes in telephoto, night, strange instruments and macro-mé. Steve Penner is our console operator and computer specialist. Our fighter jock is Nicole Blatt; our iPhone expert and translator.

    Taking Better Pictures - Beginning Photography
    Wednesday — 10:00 to 11:30
    This course is all about learning your camera and taking better pictures. The first meeting and every other week teaching and review sessions will be on ZOOM. The practical portions will be at preannounced locations where you can practice. Each student will post/email a sampling of their weekly work to a central location. We will focus on portraiture, landscapes, spontaneous people, seascapes, wildlife, flora, etc. Practicum locations will be dependent on weather and will be emailed to the students. Students must have a method to access and display their work using zoom.
    Zoom Presenter: James Eustace
    Jim Eustace has been involved in photography since spending time in Europe in 1978. His primary camera is Canon. Louis Cerrato will be the co-leader for this course. He is our Nikon go-to person. Also available is Nicole Blatt, who is our iPhone rep.

    U.S. Political Parties - History and Role
    Thursday — 2:00 to 3:30
    The Constitution of the United States does not mention political parties. However, since the 1790s, political parties have played a major role in government. This course will examine the history of the two-party system, the role of the Electoral College, national conventions and state primaries, and the role of the candidate-centered presidential campaign. We will examine the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the 2020 election process.
    Zoom Presenter: Marie Hallion
    Dr. Marie Hallion is an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School and the School of Undergraduate Studies of the University of Maryland Global Campus. She specializes in organizational theory and a wide range of courses in government and politics. Awards she has received include the UMUC Teaching Excellence Award, the Graduate School Commitment to Excellence Award and the Professional Achievement Award.

    Universe through the Eyes of a Dragonfly
    Friday — 10:00 to 12:00
    Please join Bob and Brenda on their quest to learn the nature and truth of all things. Through a new eclectic mix of discussions, they will selectively examine a multitude of topics ranging from art, technology, nature, music, and science to the diversity of culture and cultures, and humanity at its best and worst.
    Zoom Presenter: Dr. Robert (Bob) Kitahara
    Bob Kitahara holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, an MBA, MSSM, and is halfway through a degree in Art. After 28 years in industry, he taught for Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business. Brenda Kitahara spent most of her professional life in the Insurance and Medical Equipment industries. Together they are travelling inquisitively through life.

    Weather and Geology 101
    Tuesday — 10:00 to 11:30
    Topics are divided into three general areas. Part 1: Instill a basic understanding and appreciation of the science behind geology, meteorology, climatology, and even a little oceanography and solar science. We’ll also discuss how these disciplines interact with and impact each other. Part 2: Discuss earth science “current events,” and how you can become a savvy consumer of the data that bombards us daily from so many sources. Part 3: Provide personal anecdotes from over 30 years’ experience as a meteorologist and “glorified data collector” (aka, “World Famous Hurricane Hunter”).
    Zoom Presenter: Christa Hornbaker
    Christa spent 28 years as a USAF Weather Officer, and served 18 of those years as an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter. She has a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from LSU, B.S. in Meteorology from St. Louis Univ, and an M.S. in Earth Sciences/Education from Mississippi State.

    Women's Suffrage Movement in America and Abroad
    Wednesday — 10:00 to 11:30
    This course will discuss the women’s suffrage movement focusing on the American suffragettes. We will examine the history, notable figures, music, literature, and speeches of the battle for women’s enfranchisement. This is a 6-weeks class meeting September 16, 23, 30, October 6, 13, and 20.
    Zoom Presenter: Pam Smith
    Pam Smith is a retired social studies and language arts teacher. Pam returned to Florida in 2004 to live on Boggy Bayou in Niceville.

    Yoga Mindfulness
    Tuesday — 2:00 to 3:00
    Yoga Mindfulness classes will explore Hatha yoga through breathing, feeling and listening to the body. The class is designed for anyone interested in beginning a Yoga Practice. The class will introduce basic breathing techniques, stretches, poses, and meditation. Yoga mat or a rug is recommended. Optional props such as blocks, knee pads, strap and blanket are suggestions.
    Zoom Presenter: Annette Seda
    Annette Seda completed 200-Hour Teacher Training through YogaFit, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200 Yoga Alliance.
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